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Starting Fresh

Well, as you can see fearless reader, I’m back. I’m sure you’re thinking “My goodness Nick… this looks great. Nice work bringing me your writing with a snazzy new look. It must be why your were quiet for so long.” You are too kind and completely wrong.

Truth of the matter is, I just couldn’t write. I was uninspired. The words were there, but I couldn’t seem to get them down. It seems when one piece of your life isn’t grooving it takes a toll on everything else. For me, I wasn’t thrilled with work. The people were amazing and the schedule was nice. It was the work itself. I found it to be so negative and so draining of my mental facilities that it made me unhappy outside of the office. A change was needed.

I left my stable office job in the political world to start a new job about a month ago. I now happily work for Ardent Craft Ales in Scott’s Addition. I am a beertender there at night. Three mornings a week I work in the warehouse at a great non-profit, Rise Against Hunger. Sure, there are some very long days when you work 2 jobs. I haven’t been able to quite nail down the ideal balance between working and time off, but I’m getting there. Regardless of that, I am so very happy. I feel refreshed and recharged. So, I’m back.

Unfortunately during my time away, my web hosting expired. That means I lost a lot of old stuff. At first I was very disappointed in myself for allowing that to happen. After reflecting on it for a while while I designed my new site I began to see it for the blessing it was. I get to start new again. I get to refine myself even more. It’s a brand new day for my writing, I hope.

Welcome my old faithful friends and any new readers to Going Out In Richmond the 2018 edition. I hope you find what I do here entertaining, if not helpful. I also hope it inspires you to get out there and explore. Until next time dedicated readers, may your mind be refreshed and your blog sites updated.

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